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All new recruits that are to be placed in a front line role attend our MAPA training course, delivered by a certified instructor. MAPA (Management of Actual or Potential Aggression) is a leading model of training in the management of disruptive aggressive and/or violent behaviour.  This is excellent training for people working on the frontline in public environments, it provides our staff with the most forward thinking ways of handling difficult situations.  

All training is certified and delivered by qualified tutors with operational experience.  For example, how does a security officer in a store or shopping centre safely apprehend a struggling criminal?  What does an officer do when they or a person they are employed to protect is attacked by a violent or intoxicated person? During our training, these and all other questions relating to the type of assignment are addressed in detail.  It is this ‘real’ preparation for the job which what sets Olympian apart and means that our officers have the best head start at your assignment.

The additional training we provide is designed to prepare staff in much more detail for their specific assignments and is divided into theory and practical lessons.  We recognise that each assignment requires a different range of skills, and may present a variety of hazards and risks.  Depending on the training needs analysis, the following may be included;

  • Customer Interaction Skills - Be An Ambassador
  • Loss Prevention
  • Requirements For Making An Arrest
  • Suspect Detention Procedures
  • Notebooks, Statements & Evidence
  • Staff Search Procedures
  • Radio Procedures
  • Electronic Alarm Barriers (EAS)
  • Improvised Devices & Terrorist Awareness
  • Conflict Resolution & Diffusing Aggressive Behaviour
  • Restraint, Personal Safety and Disengagement 
  • Control of Contractors
  • Emergency Response Protocols (Fire, Flood, Lockdown etc)

Lessons are given in conflict resolution and methods to try and de-escalate acts of aggression.  This is followed by practical lessons in physical intervention and disengagement (defensive) techniques. Everyone takes part until they show confidence in applying the techniques shown.  

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